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Established since 2015, Miru Dessert Cafe is one of the pioneer cafes that serves only desserts in Malaysia.


“Miru” is the name of our little friendly honey gnome, who has given us all the inspiration for our desserts due to her love for all things sweet.


She lives in a Honey Toast house due to her love for Shibuya Honey Toasts. Miru is currently exploring Dezatopia (Dessert Utopia; Dezato is Dessert in Japanese), looking for more desserts to share with everyone as she only travels for one reason - to make life a little sweeter!


We strive alongside Miru to serve you the desserts she found and maintain ourselves as the best dessert place using only the finest ingredients. Don’t believe us? Come try our desserts that will put a smile on your face 😊.

P.S.: That’s Miru’s secret for always smiling.


our products

We focus on serving authentic Japanese Desserts with a touch of Western fusion. Our Signature Shibuya Honey Toast, is a playful twist of conventional Japanese bread coated with butter spread, loaded with an array of decadent dessert toppings. 

Indulge in the decadence when you combine warm fluffy toast with the rich creamy ice cream! It's even better with a dash of whipped cream that makes everything perfect in one bite.

Our desserts are only made with one simple goal,

"to make life a little sweeter".

Miru Dessert Cafe
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