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Buy one box and get another box for FREE!

Dessert is an act of gratitude, you give it to somebody you are grateful for. Something sweet, something nice. And we call this The Gratitude Box, a goodie box packed with our Signature items. As a gesture to thank all our customers who supported us during these tough times, for anyone that purchases one Gratitude Box, you get another box for Free so you can give it to someone whom you are grateful for, be it your friends or family, especially during this holy Ramadan month and also in conjunction with Parents Day celebration. We would like to spread this gesture of gratitude to more people and be grateful for one another, for which we are able to stay safe and stay strong during this tough period, together as one.


The Gratitude Box is only available for pre-order. Please DM or WhatsApp us at +60 10-425 7816 to place your order. As online delivery platforms are taking a big cut of our sales, we would sincerely like to ask you to drop by our outlets to pick up your order. Delivery can also be arranged if you prefer the boxes to be delivered, delivery fees apply.

The Gratitude Box Promotion is only valid till 23 May 2020. Price is subjected to sst.

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